Window Cleaning

We are proud to provide window cleaning services to customers across Bristol and the South West, from small shop windows to large office blocks and shopping centres.

Our Window Cleaners are professionally trained in all aspects of window cleaning and access equipment, ensuring high standards and most importantly their safety.

  • 1. Traditional Window Cleaning

    This traditional and reliable method of window cleaning uses a handheld agitator (soft hand held brush) to clean the window followed by a squeegee blade to remove all dirt and leave the windows clean and dry. The system is still used frequently for windows at ground level.

  • 2. Water Fed Pole System

    The water fed pole system is the most modern and efficient form of window cleaning and allows us to clean windows above 1st floor level and up to a height of 65ft, whilst complying with current Health & Safety legislation. It uses a unique process whereby pre-filtered pure water is dispensed via a pole and soft brush, removing all dirt and grime from the window glass and frames. The windows are then left to dry to a dirt-free, gleaming finish.

  • 3. Cherry Pickers / Cradles

    For buildings with windows over and above 65ft, cherry pickers (an aerial platform) and fixed cradles are used. This allows us to clean the windows using the traditional window cleaning method. We use Cherry Pickers at many locations including The Mall Cribbs Causeway.

  • 4. Abseiling

    Ideal for those hard to reach areas such as exterior glass roofs to shopping centres and where all other access equipment fails to reach. You'll spot our abseilers on the roof of Cabot Circus.

  • 5. Solar Panel Cleaning

    Here at G J Treasure, we have over 35 years experience in cleaning all types of glass panels and windows; it was therefore a natural progression for us to provide solar panel cleaning services to both residential and commercial customers. In order for your panels to work to their full capacity, it is recommended that they are cleaned 2-4 times a year, depending on the type of environment. An uncleaned solar panel can otherwise reduce it's output by up to 25%. Everyday occurrences such as bird droppings and moss growth can also lead to permanent damage to the panels, if they are not removed using a efficient cleaning method.