Carpet Cleaning

We offer 2 of the most popular and efficient systems of carpet cleaning, the most popular being a Hot Water Extraction system.  We also offer a Carpet Dry Cleaning System for more specialist carpets, with both methods we provide Stain Guarding and Fire Proofing.

  • Dry Cleaning - Texatherm

    A unique carpet cleaning system which uses water to achieve deep wet cleaning with all the benefits you would expect from a carpet dry cleaning system, using the reaction of 2 chemicals and heat to achieve excellent results. It is safe for use on wool carpets and is ideal for use in business areas with frequent use, as carpets are generally dry within 30 minutes.

  • Hot water extraction system

    This is one of the more popular and recommended practices of cleaning carpets. A short blast of hot water and detergent is dispensed onto the carpet which is then instantly removed by a vacuum mechanism whilst removing the dirt. This system is very effective on all types of carpets, leaving the carpets clean and only slightly damp.

  • Upholstery Cleaning

    We are able to clean a variety of upholstery such as chairs and curtains, quickly and efficiently with a hand held version of the hot water extraction system. This is popular with our customers as it provides a deep penetration clean and we can cover large areas, such as seating within an auditorium, at a good speed.